The Fürsts, who were originally from Bavaria, first settled in today’s Slovenia in 1752, to be exact in the town of Ptuj. In 1821 Ernst Fürst set up a winegrowing business, which his son Conrad I (1821-1883), grandson Conrad II (1852-1922) and great-grandson Conrad III (1877-1975) turned into the largest wine dealer of the region. By 1920, the family owned 11 town houses in Ptuj. Their wine cellar, now home to the “Pullus” brand, spread out under large parts of the town centre. After the eviction of the family in 1945, Walter Fürst (b. 1919), son of Conrad III and brother of Conrad IV (1909-1945) continued the wine wholesale business in Graz until 1971. [more about the history of CONRAD FÜRST & SÖHNE …]