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New cellar, new harvest.

Right after the Beli · Pinot · Blanc bottling, harvest time commenced in the Štajerska region. Already during the first September days – significantly earlier than expected – we harvested our Sauvignon blanc, Pinot blanc and Pinot gris. The usually late-ripening Šipon followed about a week later.

2012 had its ups and downs. After small difficulties during the blossoming period, we had to deal with hail in August which was responsible for the loss of about 30 percent of our harvest. Fortunately, the long sunny period at the end of summer made up for the loss and this year's grape material is flawless and of excellent quality. Vinification is done in Michael Gross' new cellar in Haloze. Most new wines are already in the final phase of the fermentation process. We will keep you updated.