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Beli · Pinot · Blanc

Proudly presenting: Beli · Pinot · Blanc – our first 100 % Pinot blanc!

In Slovenia, Pinot blanc is known as "beli pinot". Since the 2011 harvest, our latest vintage has been maturing in a wooden barrel of 2400 litres.

The long wait has now finally paid off: Beli · Pinot · Blanc 2011 shows a smooth and slightly yeasty aroma reminding of fresh pastry and apple compote, accompanied by scents of spices. On the palate, it is very present, with a full and smooth body, in the aftertaste citrus flavours join in. Our Beli · Pinot · Blanc goes well with veal dishes, stews and grilled meats. Best by 2012-2016.