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Unmistakeably Conrad Fürst & Söhne

Good wine deserves an attractive package design. It makes it easier to recognise and strengthens the emotional bond between wine lover and winery. Pod Stolpom 2010 and its successors in coming years will be filled into olive-green Burgundy bottles screen-printed with the mission statement of Conrad Fürst & Söhne:

This bottle of wine is the continuance of a long-standing winemaking tradition of European stature, founded in 1821 by Conrad Fürst on the best sites of Slovenian Styria. The wines from the sun-bathed terraces in Jeruzalem and Haloze express their origins in all aspects.

The German and English translations can be found, in addition to the usual regulatory information, on the back label. The deliberately simple front label in classical font puts the name of the wine in focus.

Additional recognition of the bottles from Conrad Fürst & Söhne is ensured by the screw cap, embellished with a panoramic photo of the charming hills where our grapes are grown.